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52 Fates is a unique, easy to play tabletop RPG system that uses a single, standard 52-card deck for combat and skill resolution. Two character classes, four spells, low hit points, and interesting strategic play options make this an unique proposition among RPG games. Just get paper and pencil to keep track of game events and you’re ready to go!

52 Fates frees players from the random results of throwing dice, as they need to make conscious choices on which cards to use, when to use them, which cards to save for later, and how many cards to use in a certain play. This adds a deep layer of player agency and strategic thinking. It brings a completely new type of play where the player has some level of control over a character’s fate that goes beyond role-playing decisions.

This free zine will give you a great starting point on how the game works, and you will be able to get started in no time. An adventure is required, but you can adapt existing adventures from other OSR-style systems (guidelines are included for this).

Also, we are including an adventure zine!

People are disappearing from the place that the player characters call home, the town of Gwenhir, and the only thing that has changed is that recently some strange people have been around town promoting their religion. These people seem to come and go as they please, and none seem to be staying in town. Where are they stationed? What are their plans? Are they who are causing the townsfolk to disappear?

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