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It is the main reason we go adventuring through tabletop role-playing games. The knowledge that we can perish at any moment of our adventure while trying to save the world, a town, or even a humble peasant. The thrill of surviving a battle against all odds. The chance to become a true hero in a dangerous fantasy world.

Bring back danger and excitement to your tabletop role-playing game with Perilous Ventures!

Are you ready for a fast, easy, and dangerous medieval fantasy role-playing system that you won't spend a lifetime learning and setting up? Then Perilous Ventures is for you!

It uses the new ORC System for combat and skill resolution, which relies on opposed rolls to determine combat using easily available six-sided dice. It requires no math for attacks, spells, or skill checks.

It has an innovative magic system with no predefined spells, allowing players to be creative and use their imagination to the fullest. Character creation is quick and easy, with no ability scores, four classic fantasy races: dwarf, elf, halfling, and human (with rules for playing other races), and four character classes: priest, thief, warrior and wizard.

With the included monster details included and related guidelines, and also because of the simplicity of the system, you can easily adapt any existing adventure to be used with Perilous Ventures, All you need is a few six-sided dice, pencil, and paper to play the game.

This is the Playtest Edition, so your help is wanted to refine this game and make it balanced, entertaining, and fun. Feel free to contact me with any questions and comments about it. This is a very simple, straightforward rules set, and the playtest is recommended if you already have some tabletop RPG experience, since some things, like creating an adventure, are presented in a very concise manner.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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